Hey there! I’m Tonya.

I help B2B SaaS startups achieve sustainable growth. With over 19 years of experience in traditional direct and digital marketing, I bring a unique approach to marketing strategy and implementation.

How I do it

💰 Maximizing ROI with a Strong Strategy
I take the lead in defining and documenting your marketing automation strategy, setting the foundation for higher ROI on your Marketo instance.

⚙️ Optimizing Your Marketo Setup
I conduct comprehensive assessments of your Marketo setup to align it with your business objectives and suggest solutions for improvement.

💡 Guiding You To The Right Solution
Not sure whether to migrate or begin an extensive cleanup and overhaul of your current MAP instance? I can help you make the right decision for you, then guide you through the procurement process, if you choose to migrate.

🚀 Making Launch Day a Success
Need a new Marketo instance? I offer full implementation services, including hands-on team training and planning, to support your successful launch.

💼 Streamlining Your Marketing Operations Processes
Migrating to Marketo from Pardot, Hubspot, or another MAP can be challenging. But with my migration playbook, I guarantee a smooth transition.

🔓 Unlocking the Potential of Your Instance
Want to maximize your Marketo investment? I’ll optimize your instance to help you achieve your goals.

🤝🏾 A Trusted Partner for Marketing Success
As a trusted and long-term marketing partner, I support routine Marketo program execution, from basic email programs to extensive nurture programs, driving results for your business.

💬 Let’s collaborate to create something remarkable!