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Our Applications Cover Diverse Corporate Markets

you need a marketing strategy that aligns with YOUR organizational goals

My Approach Is process-driven and Focused.

Tactics should support a broader strategy. The “throw it out there and see what sticks” approach to marketing has NEVER worked and NEVER will.


During our initial call, we will work through a detailed questionnaire and mini-audit to determine whether working together is a good fit.


Meet with your executive, marketing, and sales teams to learn more about your organizational goals, audit your martech stack, and gain a better understanding of processes and customer pain points.

Strategy & Planning

Develop marketing OKRs and a detailed plan that aligns with organizational goals, current resources, budget, and customer needs.


Work with your marketing team to ensure the plan is executed, filling in gaps, analyzing and reporting, making adjustments, and mentoring the team, when needed.

Our Applications Cover Diverse Corporate Markets

A FEW Brands THAT I’ve Worked With…


Why work with me?

As a seasoned marketing leader with experience in traditional direct marketing and marketing automation and operations, I understand how to formulate a cohesive omnichannel marketing strategy tailored to the unique needs of your target audience AND how martech tools and processes are the backbone to running this well-oiled lead generating/converting machine.


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